TSW Fair jubilee is over !

TSW Fair jubilee is over !

Fruit and Vegetable Industry Fair is one of the largest specialized garden exhibitions in Central and Eastern Europe and for 10th time will take place in January 2020. Throughout the years TSW had attracted tens of thousands visitors and hosts several hundred exhibitors from in and out of the country every year. From the very beginning TSW’s role was to exchange views and experiences which is fullfilling succesfully as it allows what is the most important thing in business — direct contact between exhibitors and clients. There is a reason why TSW is called a fair of fruitful meetings. For years TSW has been effectively meeting market’s demands. We have the pleasure of organizing fair that hosts exhibitors not only from our country but also increasingly larger number of exhibitors from European and world market. Moreover, the fair is gaining popularity among visitors from around the world — as stated by TSW director, Jacek Kłudka.

Fruit and Vegetable Industy fair is not only a place of strictly business meetings. An integral part of TSW is increasing the knowledge of domestic producers thanks to various lectures, panel discussions, and conferences. During two days of TSW there are about sixty this type of events which are popular among exhibitors and visitors. Large amount of subjects and speakers — both theorists and practitioners in the field of growing fruit and vegetables: economy, machinery, chemistry and everything involving these subjects allows everyone to find something inspiring.
Thousands of people every year are choosing to watch the conferences directly at the fair but this is not the only way to enjoy them as they are also available online. We own innovative technologies that allow us to stream everything that is going on stage thus the knowledge can reach many people who could now attend the fair.
It is quite a logistical challenge but it works without fail — as says TSW IT department manager, Tomasz Viscardi.

Attending TSW is also an opportunity to win industry awards. Prof. Szczepan A. Pieniążek Prize is one of them. This prestige award is awarded to innovative products that are intended for horticultural production. A jury of outstanding personalities from the world of science and practice of the fruit-growing industry will assess mainly three aspects: degree of technological innovation, benefits for horticulture, environment and society and finally project profitability. The winning company not only will receive a statue, but also money prize and the right to place award’s logo on any PR materials.
It is an honor desired by many but only a few can achieve — says Jacek Kłudka. — it is true that this very prestigious award to innovative entrepreneurs is something they to boast about and to be proud of and it can be won only at TSW!

History of TSW throughout the years:

The fair was organized by the company Agrosimex. It is a polish family business that for over 20 years now has been distributing products for plant protection, fertilizers and gardening supplies. Today this company is one of the biggest distributors of plant protection products in the country and is successfully working its way to a leader position also in the field of fertilizers. The Agrosimex company is located in the region of Grójec and Warka – the largest orchard region in Poland, often called “orchard of Europe”.
100 exhibitors, over 5 thousand visitors, about 3000 square meters of exhibition space.

Another year under the banner of Agrosimex company.
125 exhibitors, 5,5 to 6 thousand visitors, about 3000 square meters of exhibition space.

The Fair is organized by Oficyna Wydawnicza Oikos for the first time. The company has been established in 1993 and is a publisher of a magazine of agriculture, forestry and hunting. The fair takes place at the trade center Expo XXI in Warsaw.
107 exhibitors, 4200 visitors, 3000 square meters of exhibition space.

Prof. Szczepan A. Pieniążek prize has been awarded for the most innovative products for horticulture.
140 exhibitors, over 4 thousand visitors, 3000 square meters of exhibition space.

During the Fair 58th Nationwide Conference on the Protection of Fruit Plants took place. It was organized by Horticulture Institute in Skierniewice, the Bayer Cropscience company and Plant Protection Committee PAN.
180 exhibitors, about 9200 visitors, 11 300 square meters exhibition space.

6th TSW edition took place at Warsaw Expo in Nadarzyn, just outside of Warsaw. The change of location was the result of especially successful meeting from previous year and a way to meet participants’ expectations. Warsaw Expo is the biggest and the most modern exhibition and conference center at the moment.
205 exhibitors, 11 863 visitors, 16000 square meters exhibition space.

50 lectures had been given during the Fair and several important industry events took place: Orchard Economic Forum, IV Strawberry Conference and VIII National Forum of Fruit and Vegetable Producers Groups. Lectures were attended by 2500 people, twice as many watched online live streams.
266 exhibitors, 14230 visitors, 16000 square meters of exhibition space.

It was a record-breaking edition of TSW in every respect of that statement. It has once again strengthen exhibitors and visitors’ belief that TSW is the biggest event in the fruit and vegetables industry. It is worth to mention that among attendants were companies representing countries such as The USA, Cameron, Italy, Uzbekistan, The Netherlands, Austria, Germany and France.
328 exhibitors, 15503 visitors, 18000 square meters of exhibition space.

Another record-breaking year for TSW. Even more participants from Europe and the world, including guests from The Netherlands, Great Britain, Italy, Slovenia, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, France, Austria, Germany, Portugal, Turkey, USA and South Korea.
386 exhibitors, 14735 visitors, 23000 square meters of exhibition space.

We started sale this May and have already sold one third of our exhibition space!