Thematic scope

Garden products

(plastic) pots; plant trays; nonwoven fabrics, lining and covering film; supports; clips; bends; clamps; plates and labels, protective and supporting nets; cultivation carts; gardening packaging; shading agents

Greenhouses and polytunnels

greenhouse buildings; constructions; covering materials: film, glass, plastics; blackout screens, irrigation and fertigation equipment: mixers, fertiliser distributors, water treatment and filtration equipment, containers, pipes, control systems – measuring and monitoring systems; air-conditioning computers, controllers; software; measuring and monitoring systems; air-conditioning equipment; heating and refrigerating systems; ventilation and air-exchange systems

Horticultural services

design and construction of warehouse facilities; IT services; product logistics; delivery tracking; field measuring; water search; well drilling; pressing juice; fruit and vegetable purchasing companies; soil research; consultancy and certification; weather stations

Tools and equipment

soil cultivation tools; plant care tools; planting tools; loppers: manual, pneumatic, electrical, garden vacuum cleaners, branch shredders; high pressure washers; air heaters; saws: petrol and electric chain saws; orchard saws; engine accessories (oils, lubricants, etc.), juice press; mowers; brush cutters; edgers; aerators: mechanical, petrol and electric; petrol and electric cultivators; branch shredders; high pressure washers


tractors; mulchers; active harrow; herbicide boom sprayers; rototillers; fruit and vegetable harvesters; scales; baggers; packing machines; vegetable washers; polishers; lifts; loaders; forklifts; orchard platforms; pluk-o-trak; fruit and vegetable sorting lines; sprayers; tree cutter bars; seeders; fertiliser spreaders; hoes; weeders; cultivation machines

Nursery products

nursery producers: fruit trees and bushes, berries, seedlings


pumps; hydrophores; containers; sprinklers; dripping lines; micro sprinklers; emitters; filters; fittings and controllers

Fertilisers and crop protection products

fungicides; herbicides; zoocides; plant growth regulators; solid and fluid fertilisers; compost; pesticides; environmentally friendly fertilisers


vegetable and herb seeds; flower bulbs; vegetable bulbs; rhizomes; grass seeds

Peat and cultivation beds

kermesite; mineral wool; peat; pearlite; coconut mat; carbon mat; aquaculture systems, cultivation beds

Storage technology

coal washers; nitrogen generators; refrigeration doors; polyurethane foam; monitoring devices

Orchard structures

pretensioned prestressed poles, bamboo poles, wires and lines, orchard binding tubes


means of transport; trainings and education; offices, institutions, unions, universities and scientific research centres; banking and insurance; industry-specific publications