Nowa konferencja

Nowa konferencja

Organic and sustainable horticulture: what’s in it for me?

Key Partner: Association AGROEKOTON

24 April, Saturday, start at 10:00 a.m.

Session 1

European trends and best practices

Moderator: Mirosław Korzeniowski, Association AGROEKOTON

  1. Challenges and opportunities for modern agriculture considering EU legislation and global market trends –Mirosław Korzeniowski, PhD (Association AGROEKOTON)
  2. Ecologically farmed blueberry: varying trends and definitions in Europe and worldwide – Mariusz Padewski (Fall Creek) 
  3. Does it make sense to invest in ecologically-farmed vegetables in Poland and in Europe? – with Robert Bartkowski (Rijk Zwaan)
  4. The importance of understanding the mode of action of plant protection products used in organic farming- Dorota Łabanowska- Bury, PhD 
  5. Current EU trends related to ecological farming
  6. Q&A session, summary

Session II

Yes We Can!

Moderator:  Prof. Agnieszka Jamiołkowska, University of Life Sciences in Lublin

  1. Growing of organic and residue-free apples in Poland – Bartosz Jankowski and Maciej Szwedo (Perfect Fruits)  
  2. Organic farming vs. low-residue conventional farming –Dariusz Szymczak (Polish Cherry Growers’ Association, Polish Blackcurrant Growers’ Association)
  3. Analysing data from studies on organic and sustainable farming in the 2020 season.
  4. A practical advice session on pest management in organic and low-residue berry and fruit production –Wojciech Piotrowski (InHort Skierniewice)
  5. And who’s going to buy this stuff? –Beata Studzińska and Łukasz Gębka (Farma Świętokrzyska)
  6. A debate session with all speakers and moderators: “Benefitting from the rise of organic, sustainable, and low-residue farming”.