TSW 2020 - Welcome

TSW 2020 - Welcome

TSW is one of the largest specialized gardening exhibitions in Central and Eastern Europe, and will take place on 15-16th February 2020 at Ptak Warsaw Expo in Nadarzyn /nr Warsaw.

During the 10th jubilee edition of the Horticulture and Vegetable Market Fair, exhibitors from Poland and abroad will present a wide range of means of production: innovative fertilizers, plant protection products, products supporting the gardening. The fair will be attended by companies dealing with refrigeration and storage, companies that specialize in providing machines for work in orchards and gardening, for sorting and packing fruit and vegetables. Current manufacturers of nursery stock, fruit trading companies specializing in their processing will also attend. Spacious stands give the exhibitors the opportunity to introduce excellent presentations to all visitors.

During the two days of the fair, the lectures by Polish and foreign specialists will be held: January 15 - VII Strawberry Conference, VI Orchard Economic Forum and Perspective Horticultural Species, January 16 - Horticulture conference, "Ecology in Horticulture - is it profitable?” a conference about field vegetables and a conference on crops under cover.

During the TSW 2020, the prof. Szczepan A. Pieniążek Prize will be given for the seventh time. The jury will award the most innovative and beneficial products for gardening, environment and society submitted by exhibitors.

Since 2013, TSW has been organized by Oficyna Wydawnicza Oikos Sp. z o. o., owner of an advertising agency, publisher of the trade press, among others, of monthly magazines: "Drwal", "Brać Łowiecka", biweekly "Las Polski", co-publisher of the magazine "Jagodnik" and owner of the internet television platform