Prof. Szczepan A. Pieniążek Prize

Prof. Szczepan A. Pieniążek Prize

During the 13th edition of TSW 2023 we will get to know the new winners of the prof. Szczepan A. Pieniążek.

Directly goal of the competition is to promote and reward products / machines /services intended  for horticultural or vegetable production, characterized by innovation, environmentally friendly and significantly supporting horticultural production, improving work, improving the economic results of a horticultural farm. In competition will be awarded three prizes. The honored company will receive not only a statuette - the image of the Professor Szczepan A. Pieniążek - but also a cash prize in the amount of PLN 2,000 and possibilty  to use the image of the award without restrictions for a period of a year on any advertising and marketing materials, and the possibility of giving a five-minute presentation during the gala of presenting these prestigious awards.

The condition of participation in the competition is to complete and send the application form to the e-mail address:

Application forms:

The completed form should be sent to the competition organizer by January 9th 2023.


Professor Szczepan Pieniążek

Organizer and longtime director of Institute of Pomology and Floriculture in Skierniewice; he held research in the field of physiology of plants, frost resistance of fruit trees, methods of orchard plants cultivation, preservation of fruit, protection of orchards and more; had an impact on intensification of pomology in Poland; author of books: Sadownictwo (1954), Dookoła sadowniczego świata (1965), Sad przy domu (1976).


Past winners:


  1. The range of BIOStimulants and liquid fertilizers DNA Performance, which consists of the following products: Kaoris, Genaktis, Irys, Seactiv and Astelis - submitted by Timac Agro Polska Sp. z o.o.

  2. Innovative set of two trailers cooperating with platforms and orchard harvesters - Królik bin handling - submitted by Królik Maszyny Sadownicze

  3. Orchard Machines DNAexpress - a method of testing plant material allows for a very quick and accurate determination of the culprit of given disease symptoms - reported by Fertico Sp. z o.o Agronomic Institute Fertico

Honourable mention:
Plant Pathogen Analysis Service – reported by Nexbio Sp. z o.o.
Moleaer device - submitted by Royal Brinkman Polska Sp. z o.o.
BeeGrow mobile application – submitted by Osmia Future Sp. z o.o.


  1. CARBOHORT Sp. z o.o. -Carbohumic  - a humus extract prepared on the basis of lignite 

  2. AGROSIMEX Sp. z o.o.- Delfin WG - biological insecticide

  3. ROYAL  BRINKMAN POLSKA Sp. z o.o.-Enbar – a device for spreading pesticides mist in a greenhouse 

    Honourable mention:
    PLANTALUX Sp. z o.o.-Plantalux  Medio  - a multitasking sensor in the lighting control system  



  1. AGRO SMART LAB Sp. z o.o.-Bio Killer - a device for pest control in field crops

  2. BRINKMAN POLSKA Sp. z o.o.-DryGair  dehumidifier

  3. PLANTALUX Sp. z o.o.- the LED COB PLATALUX lamp  

    Honourable mention:
    GREEN SORT Sp. z o.o.- the Green Sort Vision sorter 
    VALAGRO S.p.A. -Kendal Root - a soil applied biostimulant



  1. JAGODA JPS - Self-Propelled Berry Harvester OSKAR 4WD 

  2. THERMOLUX CHŁODNICTWO KLIMATYZACJA Marek Jędrzejczak- a cascade propane/carbon dioxide refrigeration system (R290/R744)  

  3. PLANTALUX Sp. z o.o.- the specialist LED COB lighting system with adjustable intensity of photon emission together with an intelligent IT system for plant production management 



  1. SOFRUPAK Witold Gaj- SoFruBox system – cardboard packaging for berries

  2. GEO POLSKA Sp. z o.o.- KRITIFIL 78020 EVO2 film

  3. GREMON SYSTEMS Zrt.- Trutina – greenhouse monitoring system based on plant biomass observation

    Honourable mention:
    KUHN MASZYNY ROLNICZE Sp. z o.o.- Ventis fruit sprayer



  1. TEL-MET Sp.z o.o. - ultrasonic moisturising system - Contronics

  2. PORTOS – Gaj i Pisarski – SoFruPak packaging

  3. ARYSTA LIFESCIENCE POLSKA Sp. z o.o. – Vaxiplant SL- stimulates natural plants resistance mechanisms

    Honourable mention:
    TIMAC AGRO POLSKA Sp. z o.o. - MaxiFruit- fertiliser with biostimulating NMX complex



  1. AGROFIM POLAND Sp. z o.o. - A Plant Growth Analysis system (Paskal Growth Analysis)

  2. BAYER Sp. z o.o.-Fungicide - Luna Sensation 500 SC for strawberries protection

  3. TIMAC AGRO POLSKA Sp. z o.o.-TOP-PHOS – a new type of phosphorus



  1. AGROENERGIA – A round baler for branches cut off from fruit trees 

  2. JAGODA J.S.C.- GACEK fruit tree shaker

  3. AGROSIMEX Sp.z o.o.- Viflo Cal S fertiliser   

    Honourable mention:
    PHU CHEMIROL  Sp. z o. o.-  Nano Active   - foliar fertilizer