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About fair

 TSW is the biggest Fruits and Vegetables Industry Fair in Central and Eastern Europe,   where you can find the most innovative and current knowledge and know-how of the horticulture industry.

TSW is 23,000 square meters of space and 400 exhibitors from Poland and abroad. Last year the fair was visited by over 16,000 people. The exhibitors and visitors come from Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Estonia, Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, Austria, Italy and from many other countries.   The Fair attracts the most dynamic and growth - focused fruit and vegetable producers in Europe. You can find there products like : machines (e.g. tractors, crop sprayers, harvesters), crop protection, phytosanitary products, fertilizers, supplements, tunnels, greenhouses, seeds, nursery, packing and sorting technologies, accessories (e.g. secateurs, nets), cold storage chambers, logist. TSW fair  is good possibility to meet suppliers, customers, producers and for business meeting.

During this two days of fair - there are also  60 conferences, lectures and discussion panels. It is  integral  part of TSW. Polish and foreign specialists deliver knowledge to all interested people. The location of the fair is also very  important element.

There is the big exhibition center in Poland - a lot of halls, modern conference rooms, 10,000 parking places  and a perfect location – only 15 minutes from the airport, railway station, and it is near the highway.


Since 2013, TSW has been organizing by Oficyna Wydawnicza Oikos sp. z o.o., owner of an advertising agency, publisher of the trade press, among others monthly magazines: "Drwal", "Brać Łowiecka", "Las Polski", co-publisher of the magazine "Jagodnik".

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