About fair

TSW is the largest industry event in Poland for fruit and vegetable producers, giving the opportunity to learn about innovative technologies and the latest practical knowledge from the horticultural industry.


On 28,000 square meters of space, exhibitors from Poland and abroad will present a wide range of means of production, innovative fertilizers, plant protection products or solutions supporting horticultural production.


The fair will be attended by companies dealing with refrigeration and storage as well as supplying machines for work in orchards and gardening, as well as for sorting and packaging fruit and vegetables. Producers of nursery material, fruit traders and fruit processing companies will also be present. The fair will be accompanied by a congress, which will include conferences:

  • Fruit Conference,
  • Vegetable Conference,
  • XI Strawberry Conference,
  • II Berry Conference,
  • Machine Conference (NEW!),
  • Nursery Conference (NEW!),
  • Conference "Renewable energy sources in horticulture" (NEW!),
  • Conference "The future of Polish horticulture – a strategy instead of firefighting" (NEW!),
  • Orchard Economic Forum.


The Congress will be an excellent opportunity to gain the latest information from Polish and foreign specialists, to exchange experiences and establish contacts with industry professionals. The Prof. Szczepan A. Pieniążek Awards will also be awarded for the ninth time during TSW 2024.


The jury will award the most innovative and beneficial for horticulture, the environment and society products submitted by exhibitors. See you on January 17–18, 2024!