New Horizons of Financing Innovation in Fruit and Vegetable Industry

As part of the new conference "Renewable energy sources in horticulture", one of the key thematic blocks, entitled "Financing Innovation", will be devoted to strategies, instruments and financial models supporting the implementation of innovative energy technologies in the horticultural sector.

Sustainable development and the use of renewable energy sources in fruit and vegetable industry face significant financial challenges in practice. During this block, we will present various sources of financing, including EU subsidies, private investments, loans and equipment leasing.

Financial experts, representatives of financial institutions and practitioners from the industry will discuss the available financing options, their pros and cons, and how to tailor different financial models to the specific needs of the horticultural industry. The review of case studies will show how different forms of financing have influenced the success of renewable energy projects, highlighting that well-planned and financed projects can bring both ecological and economic benefits.

The aim of this block is to raise awareness of available funding opportunities, best practices and to promote dialogue between different actors in the horticultural industry and companies offering innovative strategies and technologies based on renewable energy sources. Participants will gain practical tools and knowledge that will allow them to better plan and finance their projects in the fruit and vegetable sector.

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New Horizons of Financing Innovation in Fruit and Vegetable Industry