Demonstration plots during the TSW

On January 17 and 18 in Kielce, during the Fruit and Vegetable Industry Fair (TSW 2024) - the largest industry event in Central and Eastern Europe - modern cultivation methods of berry and pome crops will be presented. Experts will present model plantations, equipped with the latest irrigation, measurement and plant protection technology.

 The Fair participants will have the opportunity to see innovative cultivation methods live, thanks to plantation arrangements prepared together with experts and leading companies in the industry. Jacek Kludka, director of TSW, emphasizes the importance of the fair for crop owners in learning about modern technological solutions and their practical application.

Two special demonstration plots will be set up in halls A and D. The first will feature apple, pear and cherry trees, along with advanced irrigation systems and covers such as anti-insect, rain and hail nets. Participants will also learn about products and solutions from reputable suppliers and manufacturers. On the second plot, specialists will place blueberry, raspberry and strawberry seedlings, both in the open ground and in specially prepared tunnels and pots.

Jacek Kludka points out important aspects of cultivation, such as reducing the use of crop protection products and independence from weather conditions. The specialists we have invited to arrange demonstration plots will share their knowledge and advice, presenting modern methods of coping with increasingly difficult climatic conditions, which is crucial for the horticultural industry.

The Fruit and Vegetable Industry Fair will be held on January 17 and 18 in Kielce.

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Demonstration plots during the TSW